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Interesting picked bassline in this one. Often wondered whether I should play the bass live for my revamped version or how I should go about it. Here’s food for thought…

Mystic Pond

Apparently a quickly written game based on Jazz Jackrabbit(!), with the original mod file in it.

OCR01215: Lost Patrol ‘In the Air Mix’ OC ReMix

Singing, no less! Makke can apparently feel it coming in the air tonight… oh lordy!

The Lost Patrol Amiga Theme Remix by Mister Ghostie

One of the more popular versions on Youtube and in the scene.

amiga – the lost patrol (cover version by dj fleisch vom grill , nov. 2009)

This has an interesting circularity to the melody, quite like it’s ‘in the round’, really interesting things going on in this one.

Lost Patrol (Remix by Doppel-D)

Despite the click being on a different beat in this one I really like the string sounds. I wonder what they used for it…

Millenium Falcon time lapse

Someone builds a Millennium Falcon…