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Lost patrol guitar cover

Bassline and main chords in one performance – great guitar work.

Lost Patrol – Last Smile

An interesting electronica remix; seems to combine some of the Soundtracker instruments (or more accurately, wherever Soundtracker got them from).


kjetiln – Lost Patrol (Trancefloor Remix 2008 Radio Edit)

Wish I had this guy’s ‘trance chops’!

APB Music Editor : Video Games Themes AMIGA

Can’t say I’ve heard of All Points Bulletin until now. But there’s a version of the tune in their music player too, by the looks of it.

Lost Patrol Theme Amiga Song Remake (DjTom&Ant)

I’ve not really played with Fruity Loops; the instrument set is very in your face and bright in this one. Makes quite an impression.

The End Credits!

Actual closing titles of Lost Patrol. Few people saw this, apparently.

Amiga music LOST PATROL game soundtrack HQ remix 2009

Nice little piano counter-melody and some crazy synth solo in the middle!